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Big Tech Invades the Treasure Valley While KTVB Attacks the IFF

While the whole world has turned their eyes and ears to the Ukraine our president continues to talk about sanctions as the Russians push towards the capital. Unfortunately there is little that we can do but watch the carnage as long as Bungling Biden is president.

Right now Idahoans need to be more concerned about the big Tech invasion of our state which is taking place without a single shot being fired. We have been under siege for years by corrupt politicians who have united with big business to turn our state a bright blue and change our culture. What most Idahoans don’t understand is that much of this change begins in the workplace especially the large corporations like the major hospitals and companies like Micron.

The question of the day is why two of the largest liberal thinking technology companies have decided to locate in the heart of the Treasure Valley? It’s simple, this is the largest population center in Idaho and a great place to grab a liberal foot hold and promote their agenda. Look how easy it was to find our capital city under the rule of liberal Mayor McLean. Be assured my friends these Tech giants are here to change the culture of our state and it begins in the work place by the indoctrination of employees not only into the new woke culture but into obeying their rules, ethics and regulations which will eventually creep into their employees home lives and education system. There are very few who are willing to fight these liberal giants as in most cases it means being ostracized by co-workers at first and eventually leading to being put on unpaid leave or getting fired.

Take the case of a Micron worker who is an electrical engineer and thought Micron would be his dream job forever. He applied for a religious exemption so he would not be required to take the Covid 19 vaccine. His story is only one of many in our state as the major corporations and health care organizations compel their employees to either take the shot or be dismissed. His request was denied and he was put on indefinite unpaid leave. He is now fighting the company with a lawsuit that will play out in a federal courts, a true David and Goliath battle. Micron has a long history in our state and at one time was one of the Treasure Valley’s largest employers.

We are sorry to say that it is no longer the company that was spawned by the likes of Steve Appleton. It has become one of the largest technology companies in the world and it ranks #19 in the Fortune 500. Its management has been moving left of center for a number of years. The workforce at Micron has decreased gradually from a high of 11,000 to the current 6,000 in the Boise facility. One has to think was this a purging of conservative employees as it appears those who are still employed have become a controlled group of yes workers.

If they want to keep their jobs they do as they are told like children wearing masks in a grammar school and they will vilify those employees who don’t conform. While Micron is still one of Idaho’s largest employers it is doubtful that they will be doing any real expansion in the Boise operation but instead will seek cities who can offer much larger tax incentives and access to a larger worker pool than is available to them in Boise.

To be sure if we could spend a day at the new Amazon warehouse we would find the same problem with the employees there being tuned into liberal drones and doing exactly what Amazon management wants them to do. Facebook will be the latest nail in Idaho’s conservative coffin. The $50 million in tax breaks they got from Little and his cronies is like a flea on the butt of an elephant when you think about the hundreds of billions they are worth? You can bet they will use that 50 mil in tax breaks to support political PACS in our state to elect more liberal legislators and local political candidates like mayors and Board of Ed. members to redesign our cities and liberalize our education programs.

Did everyone forget how Mark Zuckerberg contributed $419.5 million to democratic candidates in 2020?

Idaho’s conservatism is going to be swept away in a sea liberalization caused by this influx of Big Tech into the Treasure Valley with their huge political contributions. If you think things are bad now? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

This latest run at conservative values took place this past week by none other than our very own liberal KTVB targeting the Idaho Freedom Foundation. This is the first shot by liberal media across the bow of the only organizations that has been fighting for Truth in Idaho’s government. They claimed that the Freedom Foundation is stoking false CRT fears and influencing legislators voting. Their big story turned out to be a “Nothing Burger”. They fail to discuss the fact that CRT has been found to be real and that the legislators are influenced more by IACI with their huge campaign donations.

The IFF makes an exemplary effort to evaluate the voting records of our legislators and the ones with the bad voting records don’t like it one bit which is why we are seeing this new attack on them by rhino’s like Jim Jones. They say if you’re taking fire you’re over the target which is exactly why these liberal monkeys are attacking the IFF. They are a thorn in the side of a corrupt establishment government and liberal media that support them. The media will say and do anything to silence organizations like the IFF. These are the same people who have brought you all the lies about the Covid 19 deaths, injuries and medicines that are ineffective in treating the disease.

The same people who deny that Critical Race Theory is not being taught in our schools support masking and mandated vaccinations. I have been warning about this change that is taking place in our state for years but unfortunately the warning has fallen on deaf ears. The elephant is now standing in the room and its next move will be to tear down conservatism in Idaho and slowly dissolve our constitutional rights away. Wake up people we have a battle raging right here in our state and if we don’t start fighting back all will be lost. Idahoan’s had better figure out what is happening before the primary election because if Brad Little wins this Republican Primary the next four years of his rule will destroy what we have left of our conservative values.

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