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Big Decisions and Little Decisions

Go to any sporting event and you hear fans shouting at the referees or umpires about “bad calls”. People who played sports know that it isn’t the calls that are made that most influence the outcome of a game, but the calls that aren’t made. The strike on the outside corner of the plate in baseball that is called a ball—Traveling and moving screens in basketball—Holding and pass interference or “spearing” in football. Can anyone tell me what traveling, pass interference holding or spearing really is? Can you tell me what it is not? How referees make these calls or let them go determines how the game will be played. The no calls will always outnumber the calls in any game.

We have witnessed over the past 6months the way the mainstream and social media have not “called strikes and balls”. Information regarding the Mueller report, impeachment, Hunter and Hidden Joe and their involvement with China and Eastern Europe, Covid-19 real mortality and morbidity information, and most importantly discrepancies in the Presidential Election procedures that led to cheating and the stealing of a Presidential Election. The information in this regard is incontrovertible. Looking at the MIT information science analysis of the switch in voting dynamics during the “shutdown” on election night in Wayne County Michigan could only have been accomplished by toggling a preexisting software algorithm. Have you heard the media talk about that one fact alone?

In our representative republic, we count on our representatives to stand up for us not only in sponsoring legislation, but when our rights need to be secured and defended. WE need to hear from our Idaho DC delegation and we need them to support our President when it comes to Idaho’s 4 Electoral votes being invalidated by Electoral votes from other states that were the result of purposeful and well thought out preplanned cheating.

Most of the time WE The People stand back and let our legislators represent us and we think about specific issues ourselves only in election years. We forget about the “calls they don’t make” that would be important to families and small businesses. It is easier for a politician to defend a vote they didn’t make than to defend a vote as they did make. Instead, we remember the “Big Calls”. Can any of us name more than a couple of the over 250 new Federal Judges just appointed and confirmed by President Trump and the Republican Senate over the past 4 years? Do we remember how our representatives voted on military spending, repeal of Obama Care, or what about the new banking rules sponsored by Mike Crapo our own US Senator?

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I am reminded of a story my brother Bill tells about decision making. Bill was a college football coach for most of his professional career. Those who are deep into the tradition of College Football know that one of the all-time great coaches was John Gagliardi from St. John’s of Minnesota. He is the winningest coach in college football history. My brother had the opportunity to talk to him before a game when his team played St. Johns and he asked what was the secret to his success as a coach. Coach Gagliardi replied: “I run my football team just like I do my marriage. When I got married 60 years ago I told my wife that you make all the small decisions and I’ll make the big decisions.” He paused for a few seconds, reflected then said: “You know in 60 years of marriage and 60 years of coaching I’ve never had to make a big decision”. Got to love words of wisdom from an All Time great.

Maybe We The People have not been making enough “small decisions”. WE have let our elected politicians make too many of the big decisions. WE need to be more involved in our own Idaho Statehouse, but also in Washington DC. Our elected officials spend more time with lobbyists and special interests than they do with us.

In business, in sports, in politics, and with one’s family, taking care of the small things means you never have to make a big decision.

If our elected representatives had stood firm against “mail in Paper ballots”, “ballot curing”, counting votes post election day, not requiring validation of signatures, electronic voting machines with internet access, rules for archiving of ballots not being honored, all “little issues requiring little decisions”, but when compiled on top of each other they will require a Big Decision—not honoring votes that cannot be validated—and calling those votes what they really are—illegal.

Elections are local and Article 2 section 1 of the US Constitution requires State Legislatures to make the rules for all State Elections. Those legislators in Red states should stand up for citizens whose Electoral votes have been invalidated by cheating. So We The People can have our voices heard we need both Federal and State Representatives and Senators to speak out. NOW Please. You forgot to make the little decisions so now is time to have the courage to make a Big Decision. WE might just remember next time!

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