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House Speaker Scott Bedke Says he is ‘Pro-herd Immunity’

We were alerted to a recent healthcare conference attended by several legislators including Speaker Bedke, Maryanne Jordan (D-Boise) and Rep. Rod Furniss (R-Rigby).

After reading their comments on the validity of vaccines, I’m appalled at the lack of real understanding they all have and the fact that these are leaders of our state. Maybe Speaker Bedke understands cattle and ranching with his herd immunity claims, but he has surely shown us that he has little or no understanding about the limits or the complicated process that vaccines have in our bodies and how they ultimately affect us in many different ways.

Having interviewed some of the top Docs in the country on vaccines on my Healthy Conclusions radio show, with years of history behind them I will tell you that there is no such thing as “Herd Immunity”.

It wasn’t discovered until just recently that vaccination immunity is not permanent, meaning that approximately one-half of the population has no immunity to the diseases they were talking about at this conference. If that is the case, about 50% of the population have been unprotected for decades, so where are the terrible epidemics that should be all around us?

Fact is that with so many of us unprotected and going to churches, schools, and other community activities, why aren’t we all sick or dying? The only true immunity comes from natural exposure to the disease. The truth is that we don’t have any proof that vaccines even work since the CDC refuses to vaccinate and then expose subjects to the disease. It is known that 3 out of 4 people are not vaccinated, so there really is no herd immunity.

If you go back to 1985, the three highest percentage of vaccinations were for DPT, Polio, and MMR. Most of the now required vaccines were not in existence and we didn’t seem to have any real epidemics for these now critical vaccinations they say all of our children should get.

In all, from birth to age 18, there are now 59 recommended vaccines to be given to our children. If you live until you’re 80, you could get another 91 doses, if you take the recommended vaccines from the CDC schedule.

This is the biggest farce ever. Why do I say that? Up until 1986, the vaccine industry was liable for any problems caused by the vaccines they manufactured and there were many lawsuits that put some manufacturers out of business. The industry threatened to stop making vaccines unless the federal government indemnified the manufacturers from any liability.

In 1986, the Vaccine Act took the liability for any problems with vaccines and turned it over to the federal government. Mind you, these are the only products where the manufacturer gets a huge market for their products—many mandated by government—but at the same time has no liability for any side effects or even deaths that might occur from the use of their products.

How does the federal government fund this program? They add a 75 cent charge to every vaccination that is given to go into the Vaccine Fund.

Wake up Idaho! Listen to Rep. Jordon talk about how the measles outbreak will hit Idaho and Rep. Furness about how he knows all about the conspiracy theories and of course Speaker Bedke who is a better rancher than an expert on vaccines. Remember that there is No Liability for the Drug Companies and a built-in market required by many government agencies.

Drug companies are making billions of dollars every year from the requirement that your children be vaccinated to attend school, and these companies will continue to spend billions to make sure your children are compliant.

As I said earlier in this article, I have spent many hours reading and studying vaccine information along with talking to many experts. I can tell you that when government and industry make a deal like this, the only losers are the people who are forced to use their products.

If most of the public knew what was in these vaccines, they wouldn’t let their children near another pediatrician to get a vaccination. If you do just a little research, you will find that the world of vaccines is not only a joke but one that you or your children may pay for with severe complications or even death.

If you are really interested in the truth about vaccines, take the time to get some real information that is not from a drug company or CDC propaganda. Vaccines Revealed is a good place to start. As for our three legislators, they should stick to what they know best—getting reelected and taking campaign contributions from insurance, medical, and drug company lobbyists.

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