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Be Ready

Liz Cheney is a mother and a wife and for that, she should be respected. She is also a throwback to the “Neo-Con” days of Casper Weinberger, the Bush’s—father and son, and her father Richard Cheney—”the Big D” as he is known in RINO circles today—one of our current Idaho Senators used that identifier for our former Vice President with me several years ago. Liz and Adam Kinzinger have aligned themselves with a movement that is filled with hate and fear.

As the only Republicans on the January 6th Committee (J6C) —henceforth known as “Pelosi’s Political Puppets” (PPP), they have allowed themselves to be identified with a process that is corrupt and evil. Which begs the question— if Adam Kinzinger and Liz made a baby would it look more like “Nancy P” or Adam Schiff? We should all pray that it wouldn’t look like the former Vice President. Would it ever stop crying? Liz Cheney is an example of how evil can take over and destroy a good person’s heart. Unlike the Dems on the committee, she sees herself as defending the virtue of a political philosophy that was embraced by inside the beltway politicians like her father and the Boehner—Ryan—Kasich—Romney—Bush—dating back to Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, and Ray Bliss, wing of the Republican Party. The same wing that destroyed the candidacy of Barry Goldwater, tried to destroy Ronald Reagan, and has for the past 7 years tried to destroy Donald Trump and those who align themselves with him.

Look at who is supporting the multiple investigations of Conservatives like Donald Trump and Ruddy Giuliani. The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) —their website today has a picture of the (PPP) with Liz at the center. If an organization could be more self-serving, than Black Lives Matter (BLM) or The Clinton Foundation, or The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI, it would have to be the (SLPC) —I forgot Biden Inc., CNN, and MSNBC.

The establishment swamp fears conservatives and Donald Trump because they know that we understand their corrupt behavior—legal or illegal. Behavior doesn’t have to be illegal for it to be corrupt and devastating. A corrupt government and government agencies can make immoral and unethical behavior legal. Hitler made killing 8 million Jews legal. The medical establishment made human experiments in Tuskegee Alabama with Black unsuspecting patients legal. Slavery was legal for 15,000 years—the first 78 years of our country and is still practiced around the world today. It is estimated that there are at least 80 million slaves in the world today—more than double that number if one counts political prisoners—legal and illegal but always amoral when practiced by legal or illegal regimes and organizations. The “haters in our midst” fear that we will expose what they have been doing for many years.

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That is why they are afraid of Donald Trump and Conservative Christians.

I am trying to wrap myself around the prime-time production that some media are referring to as a Congressional Hearing. I am not a lawyer but just watching the first 20 minutes, I noted two things that were strange.

There were some witnesses that testified personally, but there was video presented of other witnesses that had obviously been edited. 

Will WE The People who are paying for this fiasco be allowed to see all the unedited depositions or only those clips that our betters think we should see?

Without a doubt, the clip of Donald Trump speaking to his supporters on January 6th was edited. After saying “go to the capital” he clearly said to demonstrate “peacefully”. Ms. Lizzy was sitting in the committee room watching on an overhead monitor with the rest of the nation. She could have set the record straight and ask that the entire speech be made part of the record. She spent a good portion of her opening statement expressing her fidelity to the Constitution, the truth, and her Oath. If that were true, why did she not ask to set the record straight? Ans: Because she is not committed to the truth. She is not committed to due process or even to the general principles of a fair hearing. She is committed to a political narrative, and she is serving her friends in the swamp not her constituency in Wyoming.

Will Nancy Pelosi—for whom the Committee is named be called to answer for her role in not having the proper security present during the certification of Ballots?

Will the FBI and (DOJ) be asked if they had any operatives at the scene who might have instigated and participated in the riots?

The establishment operatives—liberal and progressive Democrats and RINO Republicans in our National Capital and across the country in our State Capitals are scared out of their “bejeebies” about Conservative Donald Trump Republicans. Their entire way of life is at stake. Tribute for favor. The interests of special interests, large conglomerates, and lobbyists (foreign and domestic) are today being placed ahead of the interests of the people. We know that. They know that we know that, and they are scared and fearful. They will fight like a cornered bear. Mrs. Cheney is “The She Bear of The Species—and she is far deadlier than the male”—Kipling. They have never been in a position like this since 1964 when Nelson Rockefeller torpedoed Barry Goldwater.

Be ready!

There are lots of Liz Cheney’s out there who have turned their hearts inside out with hate. Many don’t even know it. Fear leads to hate. “Hate is the ally of evil and the friend of the devil”— John Milton (a paraphrase from Paradise Lost)

“If not now, when? If not you, who?”

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when do the elite become traitors? Cheney sold out to the left. so why shouldnt his protégé, his daughter born and trained by a traitor become a traitor.

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