John Livingston


The political and moral courage of the conservatives running for governor in Idaho is to be applauded. Janice McGeachin has suffered the slings and arrows of misogynistic abuse from members of her own party and continued to fight for the principles she believes in. Many of the wounds that she bears are self-inflicted and come because of ill-advised campaign strategies. Ed Humphreys has run a courageous campaign at great personal expense to himself. His ideas are conservative and are based on sound NATURAL LAW conservative principles. Ammon Bundy was the candidate I knew least about before the campaign. I should say that I did not know him personally and what I knew about him from the mainstream “fake” media has been very different from what I have come to learn about him. Not surprising.

I communicated several weeks ago that in order to beat Governor Brad Little the primary campaigns would have to become “asymmetrical”. Going to Lincoln Day Dinners, presenting before county Republican Committees, small groups at churches and people’s homes was not going to be able to fight the well-greased and Oiled (Otter—IACI—Little) campaign apparatus. WE need to bring in the Navy Seals, not the infantry. Creative non-frontal attacks, speed and stealth and adjusting on the fly deployment of scarce resources and people needs to be well thought out and planned. What Mr. Bundy announced two days ago was the beginning of an asymmetrical campaign.

The only way a conservative can become governor is for there to be a one-on-one primary between them and the Governor. We will see how the Governor’s advisors want this to play out. They certainly don’t want either of the two remaining conservative candidates in the Republican primary to drop out. Of the three candidates still in the race, Ed can be a deal maker-breaker. I am sure Little Brad wants him to stay in, and Janice wants him out. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the winner of the primary got 40% of the vote and the second-place finisher got 39% and the third-place finisher got 21%? Like Ross Perot in 1992 number three can be a deal breaker/maker and will have leverage especially going into a general election where Mr. Bundy can team up with them. This is a very good reason for anyone in the number three position to stay in the race.

Great leaders make great decisions at critical times. Remember when Nick Sabin the Alabama head football coach took out the SEC player of the year and Heisman Trophy candidate Jalen Hurts in the middle of the National Championship game when Alabama was losing and replaced him with Tua Tagovailoa the second-string quarterback who had hardly played? Alabama won the game. There are over 200 D-! football programs in the country and there only a handful of coaches that would have had the guts to make that kind of a move. Admiral Nimitz at Midway, George Patton at The Battle of The Bulge saving Bastogne. Mr. Bundy’s decision to forego the primary and fight in the General was courageous and unconventional. It was asymmetric. It is to be applauded. Abraham Lincoln left the Whig party after serving in Congress one term because he did not believe on the Whig position regarding the War with Mexico. Years later he became the first Republican President becoming the first President to win with less than 50% of the vote. It was the first election where the original 13 Colonies didn’t enjoy a majority of the census counted population. He didn’t receive any of the vote in any of the Confederate States. Stephen Douglas from Illinois and John Breckenridge from Kentucky divided the Democratic vote —thus allowing Lincoln to win with a plurality and not a majority. Does this look at least a little familiar to what is happening in Idaho? Asymmetry can be a good thing in politics. It can sometimes be used as a tool of the people against the establishment infantry.

What really made me come to understand the prescience of Mr. Bundy’s decision was the response that came out from Tom Luna the head of the State Republican Party and resident genius strategist. His words speak of arrogance and disdain for everyday Idahoans who in the past have identified themselves as Republicans, but who more and more are becoming Independents. In a press release today from Republican State Officials Mr. Luna states:

IDGOP Chairman Tom Luna said, “We hear the term ‘RINO’ used freely to describe some members of our party. If you wonder what a RINO is, look no further than Ammon Bundy. He is the ultimate RINO. However, our priority has always been and will continue to be driving registered republicans to the polls and ensuring their voice is heard on May 17.”

If that doesn’t make Brad Little want to fire Tom Luna, then he too must think that his election is in the bag. That is what William Douglas believed in 1860.

Here are some thoughts for Mr. Luna:

So, who is the bigger RINO—Ammon Bundy or Mitt Romney? John Kasich, Bush brothers, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, or Rand Paul or Mike Lee? Donald Trump or Lindsey Graham?

Brad Little—”temporary order Brad”—or Ammon, Janice, or Ed?

Priscilla or Scott?

In my most humble opinion it is Republican Party Leadership that has done more to divide the party than any conservative politician. Using a 20th century political model for the 21st century is going to blow up in the establishments face within two election cycles. Myopia is the father of bad strategy.

I would rather be known as a Barry Goldwater Ronald Regan CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE than a Republican.


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