Assessing our Current Situation

We’ve taken up the following topics in this 7-part series; “The Real Deal or Pretender?“, “The Standard“, “What Pollutes/Dilutes our Conservative Movement“, “The Power In Somebody Doing Something“, “Essential Tasks of Conservative Leaders“, “Tools“, each preparing us for this final article.

Sadly, America has a historical share in human slavery that nearly all Americans wish would have never occurred, yet slavery goes back for thousands of years and is still present in several countries today. One method of forced slavery resulted when one nation, tribe or society lost in a war with another group of people at which time the losing side often became slaves to the victorious side. Now you are wondering why I would bring up two topics like slavery and war in a series on being an effective conservative?

To begin with I’m not suggesting slavery is in anyway acceptable, for I and any true conservative must find slavery obnoxious at every level. Nor am I a fan of war which extinguishes and disfigures so many otherwise healthy lives. I bring these two topics up to remind all conservatives that we are indeed in a war with multiple battle fronts. The battles are for our property, our minds, our children, our prosperity, and our individual freedom and liberty. If we lose these battles and thus lose the war in preserving freedom and liberty we will indeed be slaves. (Except for some who agree with Thomas Jefferson’s words of wisdom; “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”)

Truthfully we have already lost many battles, we know full well that many of our schools, universities, laws and courts have been hijacked by those who are focused on their own personal position, power and financial gain rather than standing up for and preserving the freedom and liberty of the American people. The anti-liberty agenda is poised for the complete sell-out of Americanism using several global governance agendas and treaties meant to shred every vestige of individual freedom found in our Constitution.

To put it bluntly, if conservatives lose this political war in fighting for freedom and liberty, there is no other alternative other than anarchy or slavery. Other than conservatives and a few libertarians, ask yourself who else is seeking to preserve individual freedoms? It’s certainly not the likes of liberals like Obama, Hillary or Sanders who are furthering the globalist social agendas.

When a government decides individual good must continuously yield to common good, I’m left wondering where can individual freedom be found. Our Founding Fathers specifically limited the powers of the common good (ruled by government) while legally establishing and preserving individual rights in our Constitution.

When I founded NWPOA I based it on property and privacy rights because those two areas of individual freedom are being eroded at warp speed. Every month one level or another of my government intrudes ever more into these areas. Check out the EPA’s latest program, “Environmental Justice.”

Unfortunately we must also be mindful that we have turncoats amongst us who have chosen wealth over liberty. If you have seen the movie Braveheart, you know what I’m talking about. The “nobles” who sell us out, making deals to preserve and build their own wealth and dynasty. Sadly the corporate business sector is not fighting these intrusions but willfully participating and earning a lot of money in the process. We must be careful who we trust in the spheres of business and politics as money and power has become their god. Words alone do not establish patriotism, they must be backed up by action and deeds.

And now how I see our current situation: the two bodies of freedom and liberty are laying on the ground bleeding out from multiple wounds inflicted by those hostile to both. A crowd of globalists are standing over the two bodies about to harvest their organs to ensure neither can ever be brought back to life. They joke, jeer and kick the two bodies relishing the anguish of these two tortured souls.

Collectively you and I are the emergency responders and we need to beat back these hostiles and give much needed medical attention to nurse freedom and liberty back to full heath.

America and Idaho needs true mission driven conservative workers and leaders who will fight for the conservative cause without any concern for personal gain or loss. If that’s you, contemplate what you can do, connect with others and let’s build our network and heal every wound inflicted upon our freedom and liberty. Going forward we must fight unified, strategically and effectively. There is no more time to waste, each of us needs to pledge our time, talents and money to win this war before it’s too late. Now more than ever, conservatives must expose the corrupted nobles and educate our fellow citizens to a full awareness of what is at stake.

While this is the final article in this series, it is not the last chapter. The last chapter will be written by citizens like you. I’m hoping and believing that people like you and I will no longer stand for out of control government and we will educate and marshal many others to come join the political fight. Paul Revere and a dozen others road around warning early colonials of the impending British army’s advance. It looked bleak for those early colonialists, but no one should under estimate what a few dedicated men/women can do. Likewise we need to alert our fellow citizens and we need to do it in an expeditious manner. I choose to believe we can restore our government to its proper place, believing otherwise is to give up and that’s just not in me.

Please do not think the task is too big, simple math proves it’s doable. Consider this; if you connect to 20 citizens and they intern connect to 20 and each of them connect with another 20, who then connect with another 20, that’s 160,000 people now in the loop.

The takeaway from this series of articles should inspire all of us to be better at being a true conservative.

Bob Bingham is the founder of North West Property Owners Alliance and is a current candidate for Kootenai County Commissioner. You can email him at

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