Arsenic and the EPA

The non-scientific Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate to lower arsenic levels in drinking water from 50 parts per billion to 10 ppb is not based on scientific research, and will needlessly cost taxpayers millions of dollars to comply.

The Idaho State Legislature has passed SJR No. 118, a joint memorial, to our Idaho Congressional delegation to suspend enforcement of the lower arsenic level until scientific research determines what level is health-threatening. Note: I later learned that 118 was not passed.

The EPA, created by President Nixon’s Executive Order (not by an act of Congress) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) coordinated the false scare of Alar poisoning of apples in 1988 as part of the radical environmentalist plan to gain totalitarian power. Professor David Schoenbrod of the New York Law School confesses how this conspiratorial game plan is played in the March 1999 PERC Reports, entitled “Legislation Ideals.” He states, “We felt entitled to remake society. We wanted new kinds of statutes that would force agencies to bend society to our timetable.” The Clean Air Act was one of the first. “The trick was to put off hard choices to another time or place. EPA power grew in exchange for more time for cities and states to comply with EPA dictates.” The EPA and President exert tremendous leverage on governors and mayors.

The growth in EPA’s power can be gauged by the growth in the length of the Clean Air Act.

It went from 8 pages in 1965 to 718 pages in 1990. There are now over 20,000 EPA bureaucrats spending billions of our tax dollars to regulate and control us.

Yes, The EPA is becoming a Green Gestapo as it is now implementing the Biodiversity and Global Climate Treaties even though the U.S. Senate never ratified either one. Both violate private property rights and are very detrimental to agriculture and industry. Government regulations add 22% to the cost of every American made product and are driving U.S. companies to foreign countries.

Dr. Schoenbrod realizes that environmental idealism is a cover for more ulterior motives. “The point of this system is power not environmental quality.” he states.

How do we stop this power grab? Stop EPA funding and abolish this political, non-scientific agency! Do not implement any EPA mandate without real scientific data! Ask Congress to stop EPA’s socialistic madness.

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