Another Betsy Russell Hit Piece on Rep. Heather Scott

Another Betsy Russell Hit Piece on Rep. Heather Scott

Should you enjoy reading trash here is the link to Russell’s inane article on Heather Scott. Maybe it’s time to cancel your subscriptions to the Spokesman-Review?

Why is our very own liberal media hack Betsy Russell so concerned about a Facebook post by Rep. Heather Scott mentioning White Nationalism? She should be examining the role of the Democratic Party, and the institution of slavery in America since they were the party that fought to keep slavery? In fact, it was the Democrats who were responsible for segregation lasting as long as it did in this country, so would it not be fitting to rename them the “Slavery Party”?

Has the Liberal media gotten so lost in its war of words that they will try to make an issue out of just about anything anyone says at any time of the day or night and give them some obscure label or call them racist? Even though in our opinion Ms. Russell does not consider herself a leftist it doesn’t mean she will not attack anyone who is not a charter member of the crony establishment. We must remember after all that they are the ones who allow her to have press credentials for the capital.

Does anyone really care what Professor Kristin Haltinner or Sophie Bjork-James have to say about White Nationalism? Once again Betsy Russell takes aim at one of our conservative representatives, fires, and misses the target. Taking one of Rep. Scott’s Facebook posts and trying to turn it into something demeaning by saying that Rep. Scott doesn’t know the meaning of ‘White Nationalism’ was just an excuse to write a hit piece on her. It’s a good thing that Ms. Russell wasn’t around during Patrick Henry famous speech that ended in “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death” as there is probably a good chance Ms. Russell would have taken him literally and shot a great patriot.

From our point of view, Ms. Russell didn’t care one bit about the article Rep. Scott posted on Facebook, but was only interested in grabbing some fake news to exploit her criticism of Rep. Scott. She went on to rant about Scott’s defense of the confederate flag, visiting the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, along with concerns she had about Scotts comments on issues such as national sovereignty, federal overreach, and the Hague Convention. In our opinion, we believe that Betsy really doesn’t like our constitution the way it is written and would love to see it changed to be more in line with her way of thinking. Or maybe she is more like Bruce Newcomb, Boise State University Director of Government Relations, who stated while testifying at the capital that he believes that our constitution is dead.

Betsy has a habit of going after any conservative who takes a stand on constitutional issues especially when they don’t agree with her views. It is our bet that Ms. Russell didn’t know the meaning or history of the term ‘White Nationalism’ which is why she needed to check with several authorities on the issue. Bravo for her, but she could have used Google instead and gotten the same answer. Only problem is that it wouldn’t have looked as good in print.

We give three cheers for Rep. Heather Scott for being a great defender of our Constitution and the citizens of Idaho.

Find someone else to pick on, Betsy, because you’re outclassed when it comes to Heather Scott.

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