Ann Coulter and the White Flag

Recently the Daily Caller had an article in which Ann Coulter stated that “she’s ready to jump ship”. I’m very disappointed in Ann Coulter.

You cannot erase 8 years—10 if you count the years Dems controlled congress under Bush—in less than 6 months. Trump is the President, not a dictator. The things he can do solo he has been thru executive order. His travel ban has been held up by unconstitutional rulings by liberal judges trying to legislate from the bench. Healthcare… Congress… tax reform… congress… maybe it’s time that apathetic Americans get off their butts and start backing the president they elected. He can’t do it on his own.

These town halls where Republican representatives are being eviscerated by the left, well, where in the hell are the conservatives to push back… they are like Ann Coulter sitting on their couches and having a pity party.

Did everyone think that once November 8th passed, our work was over? Have we gotten to the point where we learned to love complaining about the failure of the president that we don’t know any other way? Seriously where are the conservatives when their elected officials were getting lambasted by liberals bussed in just to publicly flog our elected officials? Since when was Tom Cotton a RINO? And for those RINOs who are finding some scraps of courage, where are we to encourage their progress to the light? Silence… except for crickets.

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So, let’s look at what we have accomplished. Number one we now have control of the Supreme Court and any appointment for the next four years. That my friends should make you euphoric.

Next let’s look at what happened on May 4th, 2017. President Trump signed the religious freedom executive order which included broadly drawn language allowing “any organization, including closely held for-profit corporations” to protect “religious freedom” in a wide swath of circumstances including “when providing social services, education, or healthcare; earning a living, seeking a job, or employing others; receiving government grants or contracts; or otherwise participating in the marketplace, the public square, or interfacing with Federal, State or local governments.”

The order protects the tax-exempt status of any organization that “believes, speaks, or acts (or declines to act) in accordance with the belief that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman, sexual relations are properly reserved for such a marriage, male and female and their equivalents refer to an individual’s immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy, physiology, or genetics at or before birth, and that human life begins at conception and merits protection at all stages of life.”

By March 6th, the Trump administration had rolled back more than 90 regulations.

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He signed…

S.J. Res. 34 which disapproves of the FCC regulations that would have imposed new privacy standards on Internet service providers, allowing bureaucrats in Washington to pick winners and losers in the industry — we’ve discussed that before

H.J Resolution 83, which disapproves of a Department of Labor regulation extending the statute of limitation for claims against employers failing to maintain records of employee injuries

H.J. Res. 69, the disapproval of the Bureau of Land Management regulations that would limit Alaska’s ability to manage hunting of predators on national wildlife refuges in Alaska

H.R. 1228 which makes technical amendments to the appointment procedures of members to the Board of Congressional Compliance

Regulations governing the coal mining industry (H.J. Res 41). The resolution, signed by Trump in February, repealed the rule and “could save American businesses as much as $600 million annually.

Regulations defining streams in the coal industry (H.J. Res 38). The so-called Stream Protection Rule included “vague definitions of what classifies as a stream,” Nick Loris, a fellow in energy and environmental policy at The Heritage Foundation, undoing it does away with ambiguities.

Regulations restricting firearms for disabled citizens (H.J. Res 40).

This rule, finalized during Obama’s last weeks in office, sought to “prevent some Americans with disabilities from purchasing or possessing firearms based on their decision to seek Social Security benefits.

A rule governing the government contracting process (H.J. Res. 37). Undoing the regulation will cut costs to businesses and free federal contractors from unnecessary and burdensome processes that would result in delays, and decreased competition for federal government contracts.

A rule covering public lands (H.J. Res. 44). The rule gave the federal government too much power to administer public lands.

A rule preventing states from withholding funds from PlAnnd Parenthood (H.J. Res 43). By undoing this rule, Congress and the president allow states to opt out of letting federal funds go to PlAnnd Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

I could go on and on, but this President has rolled back more federal regulation and control than any other president in history. Even the much-criticized Republican health care bill that just passed thru the house, returns more control back to the states as to how they want to administer it. Is it perfect? No, but aren’t we moving towards what we wanted? Although to be honest this was passed just to get it to the senate in a filibuster-proof format. I’m sure no one will recognize it when it comes out of that esteemed group.

So, to all those who are willing to “jump ship” how many town halls have you been at to push back on the bussed-in liberals?

From rolling back regulations in logging, hunting, financial, and much more this man is giving us much more than what we are paying him for… which, by the way, is only a dollar. President Trump will only accept a dollar a year for his salary.

Dear Ann Coulter, I haven’t gotten everything on my Christmas list either, I am just happy that Santa came to my house and I am so happy that President Trump hasn’t “jumped ship” on us – I wouldn’t fault him if he did.

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