An Insurrection Occurred, but It Was NOT Incited by Trump

Make no mistake. An insurrection occurred in our country. But it was not incited by President Trump. In fact, he warned that it was coming and signed Executive Order 13848 to declare a state of emergency and seek to prevent an insurrection assisted by foreign governments.

The insurrectionists’ strategy was a heist of the 2020 General Election’s Presidential, Vice-Presidential, and possibly House and Senate races. The weapons used were the white collar crime arsenal of deception, fraud, and technological warfare.

If you still doubt that foreign election interference occurred, the latest data indicate in excess of 2.1 MILLION votes were digitally flipped from Trump to Biden in six states, with computer networks from the U.S. and 18 foreign countries implicated:

An insurrection is a planned overthrow of the legitimate government of a nation. The legitimate government of the United States of America is a constitutional Republic where U.S. citizens follow state legislature-defined election procedures to periodically choose public officials to represent us in local, state, and federal government. Every elected and appointed official takes an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and thereby affirms he or she will lawfully represent the citizens of the Republic.

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The insurrection occurred in four phases: the General Election, the cover up, the Electoral College certification, and the inauguration.

It is still unknown who organized this insurrection, although many of the players who implemented it have been identified. The insurgents may total thousands of persons who knowingly aided and abetted the insurrection and its unlawful processes. Recorded below is a partial list of the insurrection’s perpetrators and their actions during each phase.


Voter and election fraud sufficient to erase Biden’s margin of victory in six swing states is documented in Peter Navarro’s three-volume report:

Here is a partial list of the types of fraud that occurred:

  • State governors and Secretaries of State instituted unlawful election procedures, certified fraudulent election results, and/or interfered with their state legislatures’ constitutional privilege and obligation to choose the state’s Electoral College electors (Article II, Section 1, Clause 2).
  • Non-citizens and other unqualified persons (such as underage persons and felons) voted illegally.
  • Election officials utilized altered and uncertified voting machines connected to the internet. These machines were set up with “weighted race feature” tabulation, “out the gate” vote drops, extraordinarily high ballot rejection rates which sent a high percentage of ballots to “adjudication,” and/or signature match recognition set at an essentially meaningless level.
  • Election workers blocked poll watchers from meaningful observation, ignored objections filed by observers, ran ballots through tabulators repeatedly, and counted ballots with invalid postmarks or without signature matches. For examples of election fraud, view the NTD video of Georgia citizens’ commentary about the Fulton County (Georgia) State Farm Arena counting center (view from 22-37 minutes), pristine absentee/mail ballots (1:19-1:21), and cases of ballots received under suspect circumstances (1:38-1:39) at
  • Adjudicators had unsupervised discretion to vote enormous quantities of “adjudicated” ballots for Biden (and possibly other select candidates) using machines that have no audit trail to compare the adjudicated “vote” with the actual paper ballot.
  • Postal workers back-dated ballots received after Election Day.
  • Commercial printers manufactured and shipped counterfeit pre-filled ballots to vote counting centers after the polls had closed.
  • U.S. and foreign computer operators added, deleted, or switched over 2.1 million votes.

Note: Operatives possibly (likely) repeated the same conduct for the Georgia Senate run-off elections and/or House and Senate General Election races nation-wide. So far, investigations have focused on the Presidential races in the swing states; but the scope of inquiry should be expanded to include all states and the House and Senate races.


State governors, Secretaries of State, the judicial branch, and most mainstream media and social media outlets conspired to deny the extensively documented election and voter fraud and thereby facilitate the insurrection.

  • Attorney General Barr claimed there was no evidence of election or voter fraud despite publicly available IT specialist and forensic analysis reports, video recording of the State Farm Arena illegal proceedings, and thousands of citizen sworn affidavits.
  • Numerous mainstream media and “Big Tech” outlets similarly claimed no fraud occurred and then proceeded to censor information that countered their “nothing to see here” narrative.
  • The Supreme Court scheduled an election fraud court case for two days after the inauguration and on February 22, 2021, declared five more cases were “moot.” Numerous lower courts refused to hear evidence and dismissed valid cases on “technicalities.” [Note: see case status at]
  • Counties may have destroyed evidence of counterfeit ballots, including ballots without signature match envelopes. Audits to determine if the number of properly completed signature envelopes matches the number of mail ballots received and counted still have not been done.


The real insurrection at the Capitol took place within the Congressional chambers when Mike Pence counted seven states’ dual slates of electors that were based on fraudulent popular vote tallies, rather than remanding them back to the state legislatures for the legislatures to appoint a single slate of electors. Most members of Congress then proceeded to certify those states’ Biden slates of electors based on the state executives’ certification of the fraudulent popular vote results. Both of these decisions violated the state legislatures’ sole privilege to choose electors under Article II, Section 1, Clause two of the U.S. Constitution. Leading up to January 6, 2021, the state executive and judicial branches and the federal executive, judicial, and legislative branches collectively side-lined the state legislatures and unlawfully handed the government to Biden and Harris. Numerous elected and appointed government officials who took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution thus usurped the authority of the sovereign states’ legislatures and appear to have conspired to accomplish the insurrection.


The insurrection was fait accompli when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris participated in the inauguration while knowing they had “won” the election through fraud (and Harris furthermore was an illegitimate candidate because she does not meet the Constitution’s natural born citizen requirement).


What kind of government exists where public officials break the rules to establish their own power and agenda at the expense of the people they are instead supposed to represent?
(The adjectives TYRANNICAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and CORRUPT come to mind.)

The government established through this insurrection is not a constitutional Republic, for the fraudulent election, cover up, Electoral College certification and inauguration denied the citizens an Article IV, Section 4 republican (representative) form of government. This injustice was added to government officials’ repeated and months’-long violations of our constitutional rights under the pretext of keeping us “safe” from a virus.

The insurrectionists must resign from office and yield the Republic back to We the People. Until they do, the millions of citizens who owe their allegiance to the constitutional Republic founded as the United States of America are justified in

  • seeking redress through the courts (if just judges who want to hear the truth even exist),
  • learning about the Constitution ( and advocating for the rule of law and constitutional government (,
  • investigating evidence of election fraud (through truly independent contractors, not ones “approved” by the Elections Commission) and demanding fair election results,
  • calling for the resignation of officials who are not governing as servant-leaders and/or have violated their oath of office
  • supporting their state’s resistance of federal overreach through constitutional assertion of state sovereignty, and
  • asking their Senators to retain the check on tyranny afforded by the Senate’s 60-vote threshold to end debate.

Almighty God knows the truth and calls our nation to repentance and justice. He declares,

“… let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (Amos 5:24).

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