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America in Decline?

With this indictment of President Trump, America has hit a new low in the political and legal arena. We now know that the left will stop at nothing to keep Trump from running for office in 2024. America has become the laughingstock of the world as Joe Biden eats his chocolate chip ice cream while turning America into a third-world country. Biden and the democrats have turned our country upside down in two short years. We can no longer depend on the constitution to protect us from this ravenous attack taking place on Americans as the law enforcement agencies that are supposed to protect us are weaponized and turned against us. We are finally getting a look at how corrupt our elected officials are and how they will persecute anyone who stands up for their constitutional rights.

This process of transforming our country has been taking place for many years and started at the state level as many of their conservative legislatures have been replaced by the liberal leftists who began the process of turning our country upside down. We the people have been propagandized to death with social media, television, and the liberal press. Our children have been indoctrinated in our public schools being taught by liberal educators who teach them that guns are bad, climate change is real, critical race theory and being woke are the order of the day and transgender transitioning is ok.

America is now at a turning point as we watch our justice system turn into a weapon to destroy a former president who did nothing but show this country that it was possible for America to become great again. President Trump is the biggest threat to the Neocons who run the Washington Bureaucracy that is so afraid of losing their power they will stop at nothing to keep him from being reelected. I’m not just talking about the democrats or the liberals I’m talking about the creepy politicians who have been elected under the pretense of being conservative republicans. When the press talks about the Uni-party they are talking about these pretend conservatives who have united with the liberal left to seize control of our nation and turn it into their very own piggy bank while destroying our constitutional rights in the process.

President Trump is right on target when he talks about the potential of a 3rd world war as the Biden administration continues to weaken our military. It appears President Biden has decided to arm our military personnel with proper pronouns instead of guns. He has put us into a death spiral of national debt, destroyed our energy independence, weaponized our government agencies, and is working hard to take away our guns and second amendment rights. We are truly at a turning point and if America doesn’t wake up very soon, we will be a third-world country. I never thought we would get to the point we are at now with a mentally incompetent president destroying America with executive orders.

Trump turned this country around once and I believe he is the most likely one to fix what Biden has destroyed. The big question is do the majority of Americans want to fix our country and get rid of the powerful corrupt bureaucrats in Washington who are running it into the ground? The bureaucracy is scared to death that Trump will upset their apple cart of corruption and take their piggy bank away from them. They will do whatever is necessary to remain in power including weaponizing our own law enforcement agencies against us and taking away our second amendment rights. It is time for Americans to resolve their differences and come together in unity to stop this takeover of our government at the voting booth in 2024 if we want to preserve this great republic that has survived for 247 years. Will Americans unite and fight back, or will they cower in a corner like a bunch of mice waiting to be exterminated? What will you do?

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4 replies on “America in Decline?”

Time for a serious secession discussion. That can now include E. Oregon as a starting point. The US ship is sinking and everything political is now primarily distraction..

That would be great, except that here in Idaho the Nimrods who wrote the Constitution did not allow “secession” to be an option for Idaho. We have to stick with the Union. We in not allowed to go “there”!

Mr. Trump can’t upset anything unless you can some how get the Criminals out of the voting system. Nobody good can ever be elected again because the criminal element running the voting system will Always fix the result in Their favor. It’s a waste of time and resources to run good people for office, because as I’ve said, Good People can never be elected again! Only Blood can get our Republic back. Not wishful thinking and useless campaigns that will only be lost when the crooks counting the ballots take over. The Bullet Box is now the only answer! Believe me, I’ve done this since 1992. There’s no answer but force! Steve Nelson

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