Adultery and Divorce in District 11 – The Christy Perry Story

Idahoans may recall that Rep. Christy Perry (Republican-District 11) was recently accused of carrying on an unethical and even illegal adulterous affair with married State Senator Jim Guthrie (Republican-District 28). Citizens in their respective districts had asked both Rep. Perry and Sen. Guthrie to resign. However, both have chosen to continue with their campaigns to retain their seats.

It has now been confirmed (through public records available through the Idaho Repository) that Rep. Perry’s husband, Matthew Perry, has filed for divorce. Although we can speculate, it is unknown at this time exactly why the divorce papers were filed.

Some citizens have questioned why it is that two sitting legislators who have committed adultery did not have the decency to resign their posts and allow more trustworthy candidates to run in their place. Once a legislator has lost their moral compass they should have enough respect for their constituents to bow out of their elected position.

Is there a chance either of these candidates could lose their seats in the general election on Nov. 8th?

Sen. Guthrie’s only challenger is Democrat Mike Saville, but Rep. Perry is facing several challengers for her seat which is District 11 State Representative, Seat B.

The Democrat candidate, Rita Burns, is still on the ballot despite having announced her intentions earlier this summer to move to Colorado. It is unclear why the Democrat Party did not opt to replace her with another candidate.

One of Rep. Perry’s other challengers is Greg Pruett, the President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. Mr. Pruett started a “write-in” campaign against Rep. Perry earlier this month. Mr. Pruett is fairly well known in Idaho due to his work in fighting for gun rights, and he could potentially pose a threat to Rep. Perry’s retention of her seat.

If you live in District 11 and want to vote for Greg Pruett, you will have to write in his name as he won’t be listed on the ballot as a candidate for District 11 State Representative, Seat B.

Election Day (Nov. 8th) is approaching quickly and these campaigns are coming to a tumultuous close.

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