A New Tea Party is Born in Hayden, Idaho

Hayden Tea Party Meets Wed. June 17th at Hayden Library

After last month’s inaugural meeting of the Hayden Tea Party, co-organizers Jim Polzin and Pam Stout are pleased to announce that interest following that meeting has demanded a follow-up meeting this month even though we are going into summer months. The Hayden Library will once again host the meeting which starts at 6:30 on Wed. the 17th.

Polzin and Stout previously organized successful Tea Party groups in Sandpoint and Blanchard. Speakers will cover the threat to our freedoms, our commerce and even our national sovereignty by the so-called ‘Free Trade’ agenda of the TPP/TTIP and now TISA being pushed largely by Republicans and their rush to give Obama ‘Trade Promotion Authority’ (TPA) which is new speak for the older name of ‘Fast Track Authority.’ In fact, the Republicans are almost giddy with anxiousness to abrogate their authority under the Constitution for negotiating trade to the highly gifted and thoroughly trusted negotiator in the White House (insult intended).

Also, a report will be given on the message delivered from renowned Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall at her recent three day seminar held in St. Maries which squarely explained Constitutional facts, their meaning and what we can do about righting our government back to one following Constitutional law.

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If that’s not enough to entice a patriot to want to attend, Jim Polzin says he’s sweetening the appeal with coffee and cookies.

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