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A Moral Dilemma for Idaho

We have just been presented a case in point demonstrating the differences in the values between the elites in the ruling corporate classes in Idaho and the “We the People” everyday citizens. In the acute sense this offers an opportunity to ask some important questions. In the long run we must also ask is this the way Idaho is going to look like in the future? And finally, where do our political leaders and religious leaders stand on these issues.

The negative response to Idaho Republican Chairwoman Dorothy Moon’s statement linking the concerns of many Idaho citizens about children being involved in a “drag” presentation as part of the Annual Boise Gay Pride Festival to “white supremacists” was typical of the misdirection and obfuscations that backbenchers throw at an argument when they don’t want to engage in a real debate. It is they who are doing the name calling. Can you hear the chorus—”racist, bigot, and worst of all “CHRISTIAN”.

We are taught to “love the sinner and hate the sin.” It is the act and not the thought that that we condemn. The thought of adultery, or murder, or stealing or covetousness does not become a sin until the thought is acted upon. Suggestive presentations especially to young children exploring behaviors that are destructive is problematic. This is no different than allowing our children to see pornography at a young age without understanding the context of marital love. Teaching ideas about sex (heterosexual and homosexual) without placing those ideas in the context of love and for Christians understanding that spiritual love and physical sex are designed to complement each other in a Covenant relationship between man and wife and God is the perspective from which our faith informs us. Without that context there can be no fulfilment or completeness of a relationship.

Contemporary religious leaders are confusing tolerance and acceptance. I can tolerate a behavior or a belief in another person, but that doesn’t mean I must accept it as being a positive attribute to be flouted in a public place. I really don’t care how a person wants to satisfy their sexual desires privately. I wouldn’t want my underaged children or grandchildren to see a “heterosexual” strip show depicting such acts publicly. I am also against dressing little girls and boys up and putting makeup and eye shadow on them and then having them participate in a beauty contest when they are still in elementary school—CONTEXT PLEASE. To use a public place like a park or a stadium to celebrate sexuality of any type demeans the act and the purpose for the act as being part of a relationship.

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I don’t understand why we should celebrate sexuality for its own sake. I believe that part of coming out is a form of transference of guilt. I believe people are trying to publicly validate themselves. I don’t care about the private activities of adults. Do whatever you want privately. Celebrating pornography, adultery (including extramarital sex), pedophilia, or homosexuality is not a virtuous activity. We all are sinners especially me and we all have fallen below the standard that Jesus has set for us especially me. Only by asking for His forgiveness and excepting His rules for living can we hope to be happy. Celebrating sin instead of celebrating accomplishment like we do with Fourth of July Parades all over our country leads to different places and teaches different lessons.

We are all given gifts—including our sexual gifts, and we are all challenged by evil in all its forms. By using our gifts in ways that are not fulfilling our covenant relationship with God, we participate in evil. Such activity places us further away from God, not closer. Celebrating evil leads to bad outcomes for individuals and all of society.

Thank you, Dorothy Moon, for speaking out. Let’s have a Fourth of July Parade next year. Below is a list of Corporations and Public agencies that sponsored THE GAY PRIDE FESTIVAL I haven’t heard from Governor Little on this issue.

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Actually adultery becomes a sin when you first think about it… Matthew 5:28-30. Otherwise great article and good points. No link to the list of sponsoring entities?

That is the Jimmy Carter interpretation of Mathew, but a discussion worth having at a different place and time.

Here is the link:

Actually it is the literal interpretation from the Greek (particularly moicheúō is definitive) I don’t think Jimmy had anything to do with that. Thanks much for the link!

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