Idaho Chooses Life: 2016 Session Promises to be Intense

We were all horrified this past summer and fall to see news stories of Planned Parenthood doctors and officials selling the body parts and tissue of aborted babies over salad and glasses of red wine. As if the first video exposing Planned Parenthood were not enough, something like a dozen others revealed ever darker aspects of the Abortion Industry.

I felt strongly from the first video that the Lord was at work. It seemed incredible that anyone could get Planned Parenthood officials to be so open and casual about their business – about their genuine attitudes about the babies they killed, the women they dealt with. It was as if the Lord was holding up a mirror to America, revealing what we have allowed to become standard practice in the shadowy world of legalized abortion. He is showing us that legalized abortion is transforming this country into something much coarser.

The predictions of those who led the pro-Life movement back in early 1970’s, in the first days following Roe v. Wade, seem confirmed. They warned us that legalizing abortion would lead America into a dark place, where human life would be compromised across a broad spectrum. The aged and the disabled would be threatened. Now we see human beings treated as mere commodities, a parts store to enable macabre human experimentation in a quest for profits.

I believed then, and firmly believe today – that the Lord is calling us to repentance.

Is this the America we inherited? Is this the kind of country we wish to pass along to our children and grandchildren? If we turn away from the awful truth revealed to us by those videos, can we claim America is still a civilized nation? Can we reasonably hope that the Lord will continue to watch over a nation which allows babies to be cut-up for resale to the highest bidder?

The answers are obvious.

Therefore, Idaho Chooses Life is bringing legislation this session to outlaw the harvesting and trafficking in aborted baby tissue and organs within our beloved state.

It turns out that Idaho law is very similar to the federal code: Aborted babies can legally be treated as organ farms so long as the agents – that is, the abortionists – don’t “profit” from the harvesting. Of course, trading baby organs for Lamborghinis is horrible. But the underlying crime is treating human beings as a means to some end – even if those supposed ends might be noble.

Jesus himself teaches us that good fruit cannot come from a bad tree (Matthew, Chapter 7). Because abortion is inherently evil, no good can be found in its by-products, including human experimentation.

The pro-Life movement cannot allow the medical community – or big pharmaceutical companies – to establish a “legitimate” industry which is dependent upon a mountain of aborted human babies to operate, to create new profit centers of death.

If we do not take a stand at this critical moment, it will not be long before our society is enmeshed with even greater evil. It is not hard to imagine, for instance, a day when women and girls are recruited with handsome paychecks to get pregnant and nurture babies so their organs can harvested at just the right stage of development.

These are, admittedly, ghastly matters to contemplate. But we each need to ask the Lord for moral strength to confront the darkening storm of evil in our midst. The time to urge our Legislature to take decisive action is now, while the horrible truth is still fresh in the minds of many Idahoans.

We must accept the Lord’s invitation to repentance.

Idaho Chooses Life will need your help and support during this critical legislative battle. We will need your prayers, your financial support and your time in contacting legislators to encourage their support of our legislation. We can help make Idaho a kind of mecca for ethical medical research, a center for the brightest scientific minds determined to do good within proper ethical boundaries. We can help lead the nation back to a place where every human being is valued as an eternal expression of God himself.

If you have any questions, or would like to help, please contact me at (208)-344-8709. Or send me an email:

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