19 Reasons to Support Donald Trump

By now, if you have not decided to vote for Donald Trump there is probably not much I can say that will cause you to change your mind. Still, it is not good to just give up, so I continue to give you my opinion.

We all need to decide what our ultimate goal is. For me it is returning to the principles of our founding as embodied in our Constitution. Which electable candidate is most likely to move us in that direction? Notice that I said electable. So, that simply rules out all those from third parties as they do not stand a chance, but could draw off enough votes so that the better candidate is not elected.

In international relations someone has pointed out that the enemy of our friend is not necessarily our friend. We have followed that for a long time (being friends with some “former” enemies) and it has gotten us in a lot a trouble, such as when we supported someone (like Russia) who later came back to bite us.

First I would recommend that if you have time you watch some of the speeches given last summer at the Family Research Council Values Voter Summit in Washington DC. Here is the link to that conference. Scroll down to the speaker that most interests you. I think all the speeches were good, though some were better than others. I want you to notice that none of them supported Clinton, and some strongly supported Trump.

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Let me just say that I have supported Donald Trump from the start simply because of his motto “Make America Great Again.” We have seen almost 8 years of making America not great, so I welcomed the motto. Do I think Trump will take us back to the country of our founding? No, but I believe it would be a step in the right direction.

First, I am not going to spend a lot of time evaluating how Trump lived many years ago. That is not the lifestyle I would choose, however we all have friends whose lifestyles are not pleasing to us, but we still consider them friends. I would hate to be judged by anything I might have done 30 years ago. Do I think Trump will do all the things he has promised? Not really. Many of them depend on Congress, but it is a step in the right direction, and with a willing Constitutional Congress it could make a difference.

For those who support Trump and have friends on the fence here are some of the reasons I have found to support him:

  1. Make America Great Again. Obama has bowed before our enemies; I don’t believe Trump would do that.
  2. Trump would work to end illegal immigration, Clinton would expand it. (Trump has recently said that he would simply enforce the laws.)
  3. Trump is pro-life. Clinton would give more to Planned Parenthood, the largest murderer of the unborn in the country.
  4. Trump supports gun owners and is endorsed by the NRA.
  5. Trump would work to defend Christians the world over. Clinton would continue to make excuses for Moslem attacks and Moslem customs.
  6. Trump would build a wall on the border. Clinton is not interested in discussing it.
  7. Trump is endorsed by a large group of great people. Look at the article with the complete list. Look closely at the list and you will see some friends there.
  8. Clinton does not want to talk about her health.
  9. Clinton was favored by the moderator in the First Debate. See here.
  10. Trump is supported by his family; most work for him.
  11. Trump is endorsed by a long list of Admirals and generals: See here.
  12. Trump believes the IPCC position on Global Warming is a hoax (which it is) and would work for a new Paris agreement.
  13. Trump does not support Common Core.
  14. Trump supports school choice which he said would be a big help to those in poverty, especially African Americans and Hispanics.
  15. Trump does not support the United Nations.
  16. Trump would work for a new “treaty” with Iran. Clinton is very happy with the present one.
  17. Trump supports coal and oil and would work for new oil wells and keeping coal fired power plants running, recognizing the importance of having plenty of energy in America.
  18. Trump favors Nuclear Energy.
  19. Trump believes green energy projects need to be able to stand on their own. See here.

If you need more reasons to support Trump, drop me a note and I will send you some.

Keep smiling. Life is too short to get really serious about this next election. Win or lose with the polls so close there are going to be a lot of unhappy people. Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord. Can we let God take care of the results whether we vote or don’t vote?

Remember: If we were friends going into the election we can still be friends at the end. History may have plenty of examples of personal disagreements over elections but we have survived them all.

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