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The Attack has begun What will you do?

Not long ago I wrote about a new radio program on KIDO radio on Saturday mornings featuring two of my favorite RINOs, Tom “Common Core” Luna and Victor Miller. Unfortunately, I was right about this show it is a sham to promote any and all RINOs who will be running for office in next year’s primaries in our state. Yes, ladies and gentleman, this program was the prelude to the attack on any and all entities that might present a problem for any of these lobbyists sucking politicians who have had way too many years in our legislature.

The recent attack by Jim Jones and Fred Martin in articles presented by our favorite liberal rag the Idaho Statesman denigrating the Idaho Freedom Foundation were first rate garbage suitable for any dump you might want to drop them in. It seems only proper that we give them a little of their own medicine.

Martin and his buddies are the ones responsible for killing much of the good legislation which was passed by the house. Unfortunately our Senate clowns working overtime for IACI and the hospitals associations did everything they could to keep us from having a productive session. We can’t even count the number of good quality bills that should have passed this year and it is all because of the lobbyists grip on the campaign funding for these outdated cronies who need a good dose of voter revolt in the primaries. Over the past two legislative sessions we have seen for ourselves that our legislators are not aligned with the will of the people but instead the will of those who will finance their next campaigns.

The other day governor Dolittle was on Fox news telling the commentator about the wonderful tax cut that he got passed for the people. Let me tell you as I have said before the only ones who are going to benefit from this tax cut are those in the higher tax brackets while most of those who struggle to make ends meet get nothing but crumbs. Not only that but we still have not seen that repeal of the grocery tax that was the big promise but was killed by Bedke and his RINO bandits. This past week has been one that may bring all of the lies we have been told by all our RINO legislators to a head.

IACI, Idaho’s largest lobbyist, is pushing legislators to not go back into session to vote on a vaccine exemption bill that passed the house bit never got a hearing in the senate. If they do not go back to vote on this it will allow the three major healthcare facilities to impose their will on their employees forcing them to choose between taking a vaccine that is experimental or lose their jobs. If this is allowed to happen freedom of choice in Idaho is dead and this will mean that you will have to submit to the medical will of your employer regardless or lose your job.

If Idahoans don’t stand up and be counted against this egregious act we will soon see that we have lost another one of our freedoms to the political elite who wish to impose their will on us. If we don’t fight for our rights now when will we say enough is enough? When they come for our children and forcibly give them vaccinations that we don’t approve of because the government or an employer has mandated it.

It’s our turn and if we don’t stand up for our rights under the constitution now all is lost and they have won. Have we all become so scared of this virus that kills less than 2 tenths of a percent of the time and the majority of those who die have other diseases that contribute to their demise. We have new mask mandates coming out from the liberal states and the federal government that are going to once again impose restrictions on our freedoms and force us and our children into situations that can cause them harm. Isn’t it time that we as Idahoan’s say enough is enough and call these politicians out for what they are, thieves in the night stealing our freedoms and our tax dollars.

They are nothing more than federal money grabbing anarchists who will sell their soul to the devil for another dollar in their wallet or another politician in their pocket. It’s time for Idahoan’s to stand up and fight for the rights our forefathers gave to us through their blood, sweat and tears. It is time to say “NO MORE to the politicians who think they rule us and every part of our lives. It is time to say “NO MORE”. Call your senator and representative and tell them you are tired of these people taking our rights away one by one and let them know you will not accept this intrusion into telling us what we can or cannot put into our bodies.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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This is already happening. Even to students at the local beauty college (who have already paid a tuition to be there). I was told by a student that they were required to take the vaccine in order to continue their education.
I urge your readers to look up the Nuremberg Code which addresses this issue concerning forced medical experimentation, ethics and crimes against humanity. An article addressing it by Vera Sharav can be found at the Alliance for Human Research Protection (

The World Economic Forum has been telling us for a year that there will continue to be more illness with continued need for return of mandates, vaccines, health passports, all of which will require a complete change in life as we have known it. Both St Als and St Lukes are recognized by IBM Watson Health, a division of IBM which is a WEF partner. This recognition means both are following the dictates of changes to our healthcare system. Life will be based on the Great Reset objectives and if we do not stand up now Bob is correct, we will have no more rights.

Well stated Karen. I’m happy my heath care is through the VA which has come a long way in the past 20 years. Keep the fight!

Please inform me as to the House Bill for Vaccine Exemption which the Senate didn’t hear!
I will gladly write all State Senators a note stating their duty to Liberty!

House Bill 140 would prohibit state contracts with companies that engage in discrimination based on vaccination status.

I learned the 10 elements of communism long ago. With all 10 in effect here, that is what convinced me that this is not government, but rather a Satanically controlled organized crime ring that masquerades as government. Criminals cannot represent government. Extorting a specific performance from you is a crime!

I just saw the seating arrangements for the Governor’s Cup. At Alex Lebeaux’s table (IACI) will be Dr. Fred Martin, Tom Luna, Victor —not to be confused with Victor David Hanson, Miller, Speaker Behdke, Chuck Windner, Dr. Pape, Mr. Whitiker, and Betsy Russell. Would anyone want to be in a fox hole with any of those people? The note at the end of the list says subject to change. I am using antiphrasis in it’s most literal sense.

Janice and Priscilla should have their own “Cup”. Call it THE PRESIDENT’S CUP, and Invite President Trump. Let’s do it.

In fact, this all goes way beyond extortion. Their activities are those of treason! They are waging war by deception. Yes, it is war and it is treason! Wake up quick. America is already in the toilet and most fail to see it.

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