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Op-Ed: Why Red Wave Radio Show Should Raise a Red Flag with Conservatives

We wasted an hour of our time this weekend listening to a 3-month-old radio show promoting the crony republicans in our legislature. The hosts of this show are Victor Miller, Chairman of the Ada County Republican Party, and former conservative Tom Luna, chairman of the Idaho GOP and the father of Common Core in Idaho.

If you have a need to waste an hour of your weekend, tune into “Red Wave Radio,” which is a combination of trying to bore its listeners with RINO guest legislators or telling you how hard our legislature is working for its citizens. Vic Miller and Tom Luna try to make this sound like a voter information program, but it turns out they are doing nothing more than promoting their RINO agenda which will do nothing to ease the long-term tax burden of Idahoans.

This week’s guests included Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House, and Chuck Winder, the Senate Majority leader. We all know Speaker Bedke is a leader of the crony RINO establishment and hasn’t had a challenge to his reelection for way too many election cycles. Our good friend Chucky Winder from District 20 has one of the least conservative voting records in the senate, scoring a paltry 48% on the Idaho Freedom Foundation Index. It appears this entire show is to promote the crony republicans and the party they represent, as I don’t know of any truly respectable conservative who would participate on this farce of a show.

While there was a lot of talk about lowering taxes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I’m not so sure that Idahoans will be very pleased with whatever tax cuts they might come up with to ease their pain. There was absolutely no talk about a 4-cent increase in the gas tax as you can bet they will keep that under wraps until the end of the session and then pass it midnight as they did the last one.

If this program were truly working in the best interests of Idahoans and not the crony malfunctioning lobbyists’ interests like IACI, they would be interviewing the real conservatives in our legislature like Priscilla Giddings and Heather Scott. I doubt that we will ever see that happen as it would put the hosts Luna and Miller on the spot to answer the really hard questions about why many of our supposed republican legislators vote like democrats. In conclusion, we invite everyone who would like to be totally bored for an hour on Saturday morning to tune into this diatribe of BS and find out for yourselves why Idaho’s legislature is no longer serving the conservatives of our state.

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Yes, failed American politicians who have been elected by Americans with a faulty education, delivered by a failed egalitarian America, have certainly wrecked our nation. I don’t think that we should just focus in on Idaho because this failure of character and vision comes from the top, the seat of our Federal government, Beijing. America doesn’t have an industrial base anymore nor does it have a disciplined work force to do even the most basic functions that a nation must do, like making sure that tens of thousands of bridges in our nation are not as compromised as the politicians who suck up money from Beijing. How long have we been talking about fixing these tens of thousands of bridges? It never gets done. At the same time Beijing has built the most awesome bullet train system the world has ever seen in a ten year period. In a recent 5 year period, China used more cement than America has used in its entire history. How could we fight a war when we don’t have an industrial base nor a disciplined work force? If America collapses, Idaho collapses, there are no free passes as Idaho gets its sustenance from the same dollar bills as the rest of the country.

there all a bunch of rinos especially Brad Little, the worst tin horn dictater who just needs Washington money with more strings attache then my twelve string guitar.

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